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10 Of The World’s Scariest Hotels

Cabin B340

Most people check into a hotel hoping for a good night’s sleep, but a few people have checked in … and never checked out. Those who have followed in their footsteps now stay in some of the creepiest and supposedly haunted accommodations.

From phantom sightings to moving furniture and flickering lights, here are some of the world’s scariest hotels.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Los Angeles, California, United States

Roosevelt Hotel

Some people claim that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost haunts this 12-story hotel. Guests have seen her poolside and in the nightclub, and her reflection has also appeared in a full-length mirror which has been relocated from her favourite suite to the hotel gift shop.

The ghost of actor Montgomery Clift is also said to haunt this hotel. Many visitors claim to hear a brass instrument playing on the ninth floor, which makes sense considering his preferred room was 928.

Castle Leslie – Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland

Castle Leslie

The castle on this 1,000-acre piece of property has been in the Leslie family since 1665. This 5-star luxury hotel is completely cut off from the outside world, and guests won’t be able to access phones, televisions or radios.

It should come as no surprise that among the many phantoms that frequent the castle are deceased members of the Leslie family, most famously the spirit of Norman Leslie. Castle Leslie also has showers and toilets that seem to have minds of their own.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – Alberta, Canada

Banff Springs Hotel

Though owners of this hotel deny that the property is haunted, there have been several reports by both guests and employees of a former staff member who supposedly wanders the property. Sam Macaulay, a bellman who was forced to retire, loved the property so much that he vowed to haunt it once he was gone.

Banff Springs Hotel Haunted

Since his death, many people have seen or been helped by a bellman in an old-fashioned uniform. There are also stories of a bride who fell down a staircase on her wedding day in 1932. Guests say they’ve heard mysterious music and seen a bride dancing alone in the dining room at night.

Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States

Crescent Hotel

Said to be the most haunted hotel in America, this building has served as a hotel, experimental cancer hospital and community college over the course of the past 120 years. Restored to its Victorian ambiance in 1972, the Crescent Hotel is known for its paranormal happenings.

Crescent Hotel Ghost Picture

Employees frequently witness spirits walking the halls and children in the kitchen. The most haunted room is supposedly 218, where a stonecutter fell to his death. In this room, toilets flush on their own, lights flash on and off and guests feel an unseen presence.

Langham Hotel – London, England

Langham hotel London

Built in 1865, the Langham Hotel was the city’s first luxury property. It was bombed in the Battle of Britain in 1940 and was in ruins for nearly 50 years when Hilton International purchased it. Though the renovations have turned this hotel into a lavish place to stay, there have been several hauntings documented throughout the building.

Ghosts in Victorian clothing wander the hallways and lights morph into spectral beings. Napoleon III is supposedly doomed to spend eternity in the hotel’s basement as well.

Russell Hotel – Sydney, Australia

Russell Hotel

Situated on The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest district, this former hostel is said to be haunted by sailors who stayed there. In room 8, there is a seaman who supposedly stands and stares at guests, while another seafaring being wanders the hotel at night. Many people have also heard creaking floorboards without explanation.

Hotel del Coronado – San Diego, California, United States

Hotel del Coronado

Considered one of the finest beach resorts built in the late 1800s, the Hotel del Coronado is perhaps best known today for its reputation as a haunted property. The most famous tale of haunted happenings is that of Kate Morgan, who checked into room 302 in 1892 to meet her estranged husband. He never showed up to their meeting, and six days later, Kate’s body was found on the steps to the beach in front of the hotel.

Kate Morgan Grave

The circumstances remain a mystery, but many people since then have encountered her ghost. Smoky hazes, bizarre sounds without sources and ghostly images have been documented in room 302, though she has been known to wander throughout the rest of the hotel as well.

Hotel Burchianti – Florence, Italy

Hotel Burchianti

A popular accommodation choice for artists, musicians and politicians in the 1930s, Hotel Burchianti has since become a hotbed of haunting. Guests have seen a child skipping up and down the hallways, a phantom woman knitting in a chair and a maid who isn’t actually there.

In the hotel’s Fresco Room, many people say they feel icy breath and the sensation of being watched even if the room is empty.

Chillingham Castle – Northumberland, England

Chillingham Castle

Considered one of the most haunted castles in Great Britain, Chillingham Castle was the first line of defence against a Scottish invasion during Edward I’s reign. As a result, its history is quite violent and bloody. Many people were hanged, drawn and quartered here. The dungeons in particular are said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Chillingham Castle Dungeon

The ghost of the castle’s torturer supposedly haunts the torture chamber and the cries of a young boy buried in the walls of the castle are heard at night. The ghost of a woman searching for her husband also roams the castle. Many guests feel her dress as she rushes past them.

Queen Mary – Los Angeles, California, United States

Queen Mary Hotel

This luxury ship was bought by Long Beach in 1967 and transformed into a permanently docked hotel. Ghost sightings are common by the pool, where two guests have drowned, and a young woman in a white dress has been seen in the queen’s salon. The ghost of a man has also been spotted in the first-class suites.

Occasionally there are knocking and banging noises as well as screams from the engine room and the kitchen, where employees died on the job. Cabin B340 has so many unexplained disturbances that it is no longer rented out.

On the Queen Mary the ghosts are simply sightings or feelings of presences from most reports. Cabin B340 is different.

Violent incidents take place in B340. The bed has been filmed moving on its own. The covers often refuse to stay on the bed. They laid carpet during the retrofit as they did everywhere else in the 1970s (the whole ship was tile in its day). About two weeks after they laid carpet they returned to find it pulled up and laying against the wall. They laid it again and locked the room. A few days later it was torn up again and left in the same place.

Cabin B340